June 16, 2018
Saturday of Father's Day Weekend

Sorry, NO BBQ offered this year

Please note the alternate location

Main Raffle Prizes
Grand Prize
TYT MD-2017
DMR & Analog
2nd Prize
TYT MD-390
DMR & Analog
3rd Prize
TYT MD-390
DMR & Analog
4th Prize
TYT MD-390
DMR & Analog

Elk Lodge 1538, Santa Maria
  1309 N. Bradley Road, Santa Maria, CA 93454
  GPS: 34° 57' 49" N, 120° 25' 16"
  [ Greater Detail ]
  145.14 (neg offset) tone 131.8
Admission & Parking
  6:00 AM
  No selling or swapping before 7:30 AM
  $15 per seller, must provide own table and chairs
  $15 per tail-gate, Only 1 vehicle allowed
  Fee's collected on site
  7:30 AM
  No purchasing before 7:30 AM
Prize Drawings
  $1 each at the fest
  12:00, Noon
  Main raffle prizes, winner need not be present, if ticket has name and contact info
  Lesser raffle prizes, winner must be present
Food & Drink
  In the morning, coffee and donuts provided by West Santa Barbara County ARES as a fund raiser
  Division - South Western , Dick Norton N6AA is planning on attending
  Section - Santa Barbara , James Fortney K6IYK is planning on attending
  Swapfest listing
On site radio(s)
  If someone wants to bring their HF station
  Power is available by the flag pole and pole great for raising your wire antenna
  Please stay with your rig, no one else is responsible for your rig
No T-Hunt, per KA6BFB
FCC Ham License Testing by W6NBC or KJ6OIL
  All Classes, inquire at ticket booth or John W6NBC
Volunteer Assignments
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Sorry, NO BBQ offered this year

Please note the alternate location
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